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With simple and intuitive two-button operation

With simple and intuitive
two-button operation, the

VSMR15 allows for

intermittent use without

excessive training

requirements. Not only is

this unit easy-to-use, but

the mobility of the two-
wheel cart option makes
the leak detection process
simple to carry out and
easy to transport from one
application to another.
# # #
About Advanced Test
Equipment Rentals
Advanced Test Equipment
Rentals is a provider of test
equipment for Defense,
Automotive, Aerospace and
related industries.
Headquartered in San
Diego, California, Advanced
Test Equipment Rentals has
over 28 years of
experience and services
clients worldwide.
Additional information about
Advanced Test Equipment
is available at
Hollywood Embraces
Organic SEO Marketing
True to their name, they are
using purely organic,
natural SEO services to
attain high page ranks for
all of their clients.

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – Hollywood,
California – United States –
September 28th, 2009 –
Hollywood has opened its
arms and is embracing
Organic SEO Marketing, the
locally based subsidiary of
ESM that is bringing
businesses of Los Angeles
and Orange County onto
the front pages of the
search engines. True to
their name, they are using
purely organic, natural SEO
services to attain high page
ranks for all of their clients.
“The difference with this
SEO company is that they
get you the results they tell
you they'll get,” said a
spokesman from one major
Hollywood corporation. “We
began getting an increase
in web traffic within a few
months after we started
doing business with them
and it actually produced
conversions. That's exactly
what we were looking for.”
Organic SEO Marketing
seems to have their
customers firmly in their
corner. The natural SEO
services that they advertise
are considered “white hat”
by the rest of the industry
and many are surprised
that they are working as
well as they are.
Apparently the Old Wild
West days on the internet
have finally come to a close
and the good guys won.
The team of professionals
at OSM has been involved
in internet marketing for
over a decade now and
they have a handle on what
works and what doesn't.
These techniques include
simple procedures like
directory submissions,
articles, and link building,
but this company does so
much more. They offer
press releases, social
media bookmarking, and
even a virtual web
presenter service which
can bring your website to
life. They seem to have the
full package and the results
that are being reported in
Hollywood are telling the
world they know how to
use it.
“The best feature,” we
heard from an anonymous
source at OSM, “is that we
are one of the most
affordable SEO services
you will ever see. Our rates
make it possible for anyone
to attain that first page
ranking they desire.”
Thanks for the tip. That
pretty much tells us
everything we need to
know. Organic SEO
Marketing is a Hollywood
favorite and they're going
Global quickly.
Blue Nova Blue Jet
presents its latest art prints
Today, Blue Nova Blue Jet
presents its latest art prints
made from paintings of
various artists. These can
be purchased on-line at

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – Blue Nova
Blue Jet offers affordable
art prints that you can buy
on-line at www.bnbj.ca.
Purchasing real paintings
can be expensive and
requires extra care. Our art
prints are for those who
don't want to pay a lot to
add style and embellishment
to their homes or offices.
Our art prints are made
from landscape and floral
paintings. Each of our art
prints is printed on a 19
inches by 13 inches photo
paper. Framed art prints are
also available on Blue Nova
Blue Jet's website. Let
these incredible work of
arts add a new mood to
your home or office.
# # #
Blue Nova Blue Jet
specializes in paintings,
photographies, greeting
cards, doilies (handmade
laces), and instrumental
music. In operation since
2001, BNBJ is offering a
wide variety of products
destined to embellish the
homes of its clients.
Top Tips For Escort
If you are new to the Escort
Industry or just about to
contact an Escort Agency
for the first time here are a
few tips to make the
experience as enjoyable as

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 30, 2009 – When
paying for companionship
there are a few unwritten
rules which should be
Initially when making
contact give as much
information about yourself
as possible, your first
name, contact number, your
likes, dislikes, height,
weight and a general
location. Start things off on
the right foot and
remember; never enquire
about sex or any lewd acts
as you are then mistaking
escorts with prostitution.
The difference is simple;
with escorts you are
paying for their time as a
companion, with prostitutes
you are paying for a sexual
act. Bringing this up at this
early stage is a real non
starter and probably will
break all further
A spokeswoman from a top
London Escort Agency,
Glamour International said
“We get a lot of enquiries
from people who want to
become an escort.
Generally the only question
that ever concerns them is
one of safety. It is the same
whether someone has
contacted us to become a
male escort or to become a
female escort. Safety is as
much a priority for us as
them. We take every
precaution necessary to
ensure all our staff are
safe and exposed to as
little risk as possible. We
know, for example, exactly
where they are, who they
are meeting and for how
long. We never send
rookies out to meet new
clients and always carry
out preliminary security
checks on new clients. In
all the years we have been
in business we have not
had any incidents and we
intend to keep it that way.”
When meeting your escort
for the first time, be
prepared for them to ask to
see some form of
identification. Escort
agencies are very
conscious of safety for
their guys and girls, so
checks will be made. Most
meetings are within hotels
so they will have called the
front desk in advance to
confirm you are a
registered guest and they
will want to match this up
with your ID. Ensure the
agreed payment is on full
display and expect them to
count the money.
Remember they are
providing a service and
expect to be paid in
When offering
refreshments ensure they
are in sealed bottles or
containers and don’t be
surprised if they have
bought along their own. If
they do accept a drink from
you expect them to not put
it down until it is finished.
This is to ensure their
safety against drugging.
Once you are a trusted
client these procedures will
be relaxed but for the first
meeting they are a must to
ensure safety.
If the conversation does
move on to sex, after all it is
between two consenting
adults who find each other
attractive, never put a
monetary figure on it.
Remember you are paying
for their time as a
companion; the only people
who will discuss money
associated with a sexual
act will be the vice squad
trying to trap their prey. The
escort will never keep an
eye on the time so if you do
go over, expect to pay for
Always give a tip, people
love to feel as though they
have done a good job and
this will make for a good
experience next time in
terms of prioritising you as
a client.
For more information visit:
Editor’s note: Glamour
International is represented
by online advertising
consultancy, Media
Solutions Marketing. Please
direct all media enquiries to:
Topsail Beach Foreclosures
and Short Sales
Find Great Beach Real
Estate Deals Available Now
on Topsail Island with NC
Beach Bargains.com

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – Looking for
a great deal on a
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Topsail Beach? Find an
updated listing of some of
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Topsail Island with local
online cheap beach real
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"Topsail Island is definitely
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beachfront property deals
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"We still have a good
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beautiful beachfront
A division of
WilmingtonForSale.com, NC
Beach Bargains focuses on
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estate deals in the coastal
towns of southeastern
North Carolina.
For more information on
Topsail Beach foreclosures
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NC Beach Bargains online
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About NC Beach Bargains
A division of
WilmingtonForSale.com, NC
Beach Bargains focuses on
cheap beach real estate,
foreclosure listings, and
short sales on beachfront
and waterfront properties
in the coastal communities
of the lower Cape Fear
region of southeastern
North Carolina.
Nicole Kidman at
#1 source for everything
about Nicole Kidman is now
online at

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – Nicole Mary
Kidman is an American-
born Australian actress,
fashion model, singer and
humanitarian. In 2006,
Kidman was made a
Companion of the Order of
Australia, Australia's
highest civilian honour. In
2006, she was also the
highest-paid actress in the
motion picture industry.
Kidman's breakthrough was
in the 1989 thriller Dead
Calm. Her performances in
films such as Days Of
Thunder (1990), To Die For
(1995) and Moulin Rouge!
(2001) won her critical
acclaim, and her
performance in The Hours
(2002) was acknowledged
with several notable film
awards including the
Academy Award for Best
Actress, a BAFTA Award
and a Golden Globe Award.
In 2003, Kidman received
her star on the Walk of
Fame in Hollywood,
She is also known for her
marriage to Tom Cruise and
her current marriage to
country musician Keith
As a result of being born to
Australian parents in
Hawaii, Kidman has dual
citizenship of Australia and
the United States.
The Nicole Kidman world
site is dedicated to Nicole
Kidman fans includes
forums, latest news, web
blogs, forums, multimedia
gallery, downloads, chats,
and information about
Nicole Kidman.
For more information:
The 70's Generation the
Generation that never made
The 70's Generation
,Generation Failure the how
and why ...

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – like most
generations coming to age
in a particular time period
that era has a way of
effecting ones out look
throughout that rest of
there life. In the 1920's it
was the devil make care
attitude ,in the 1930's the
great depression ,in the
1940's it was world war
two and the greatest
generation ,in the 50's it
was moving to suburbia ,in
the 1960's it was the anti
war counter culture ad
wanting to change the
world . These generational
experiences have a way of
effecting the majority of that
generation shaping there
experience and the way
we think about the world .
In the 1970 's oil shocks
,stagflation, international
terrorism ,military failure
,stagflation ,the misery
index, high divorce rate
,high drug and alcohol use
,the hang over from the
sixties all lead to one over
riding principle for the 70's
generation FAILURE and
70's generation became the
generation that never really
made it .
With this failure came the
litany of kook conspiracy
theories ,and inability to see
a benevolence in the
universe ,a feeling that
things larger then onself
were working against us .
That malevolent forces
beyond our control were
conspiring against us. That
we were helpless in the
face of doom .Not trusting
the markets nor the
government but looking to
punish and spread the
misery equally far and
wide, the 70's generation
embrace totalitarian
socialism or communism to
a greater degree than
anyone since the 1930's.
As the 70's generation
grew up it brought
incompetence and disaster
and mostly failure in its
wake , from ENRON, the
mutual fund debacle ,to the
current banking and finance
disaster to the destruction
of wall street ,the 70's folks
have unleashed a
cataclysm of disaster and
failure on to the rest of us.
Remember these people still
think good old stagflation
Jimmy Carter was a good
So why do I keep harping
on this day in and day out
,well any economist worth
his salt would admit that
one of the strongest
cyclical driving forces in an
economy are demographics
and given the most
economic activity is driven
by business creation and
house hold formation it can
be noted that from time to
time an economy is blessed
with demographics that
favor these to factors ,but
what we find in the 70's
generation is a proclivity for
neither. My last reunion told
the whole story ,as i am
told nearly half the
graduating class of 1980
had never been married . I
found this simply
astonishing given we came
from a very upper middle
class place with a "first
rate education".
No don’t get me wrong
every generation has its
successes and failures but
some generations seem to
produce more of the latter .
I am currently conducting
seminars on the ,”Failure
Generation” called the 70's
Generation the generation
that Never Made It .
# # #
Creative Services: blogging
and social media for the
development of innovative
sales and marketing
solutions . Blogging for
and products to create
buzz and increase sales !
Elithis Tower, The First
Positive Energy Office
Structure, Is Now Open
Designed and constructed
at equal cost to a traditional
building, the 54,000 square
foot structure produces six
times fewer greenhouse
gas emissions

PRLog (Press Release) –
Sep 29, 2009 – Dijon,
France – The Elithis Tower,
designed and constructed
as the world's most
environmentally sound
building, has just been
unveiled. Touted as the first
positive energy office
structure, the tower
creates more power than it
uses. From design to
material and user behavior,
the Elithis Tower applies the
latest sustainable
development techniques
and is now open to
journalists, academics and
architects interested in

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