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category all their own

category all their own. Many
were cast in heavy
embossed sterling silver with

deep repousse

workmanship, others of

quality silver plate or 800
parts silver, often flaunting
whimsical cherubs, winged
creatures or mythological
characters. Designer
tapestry bags were made in
France for companies like
Walborg. French maintained
their position in the forefront
of tapestry handbags by
continuing to produce what
is considered the best from
that time. Frames were
primarily embossed brass,
and a few had stones or
other embellishments.
America, the 1950s
furnished tapestry from
Theodore of California and
JR Julius Resnick produced
a variety, some with plastic
interior dividers. Marquise
used both Italian and French
tapestry, some having vinyl
linings and zippered interior
pockets. Many times,
tapestry bags were
constructed from earlier
tapestry cloth; other pieces
of tapestry were designed
specifically for handbags.
However, with a little
practical experience and
study, one should be able to
distinguish the different eras
rather easily. A common
error is the confusion
between the tapestry and
the petit point purse. The
older petit point the late
1800s through the 1940s is
all hand stitched; the older
tapestry is hand woven,
likely on a loom. French
tapestry handbags are
considered premium and are
cherished by today's
collectors. An awesome
example in superior
condition will be priced well
into the hundreds of dollars
and upwards to a thousand.
French examples from the
'30s and '40s can be
obtained for far less,
although there aren't many
great ones around to be
found. Investment quality
purses will always maintain
and continue to grow in
value. Aubusson
purseshowing a romantic
coupleenjoying a picnic in
the park. The reverse shows
a lake and stream
surrounded by woods;
$1,000. Aubusson purse
features a courting couple
attended by a cherub in the
garden. It allows faster and
more effective search that
takes only a few seconds.
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